Roofing Systems

For buildings old, new and in between, TMR delivers fit-for-purpose roofing or cladding installations that will exceed your expectations of durability and protection. We pride ourselves in providing corrosion-resistant, climate-proof and aesthetically appealing roofs that give you more safety and peace of mind.

Standing seam & Astro Snaplock

With maximum strength, durability and great protection against the elements, standing seam panels are a great cladding option. Plus, they offer enhanced design possibilities that compliment both traditional and modern architecture, helping boost your building’s street appeal and elevate the value of your property.

Batten seam

Batten seams are a proven, age-old roofing technique, with a sloped or pointed design that offers excellent rainwater drainage and wind resistance. They’re ideal for those buildings that require an underlying support structure or for those with unusual layouts that require more modular parts.

Flat-lock panels

With adjustable hook folds and panels that can be installed vertically, horizontally and diagonally, flat locking systems offer great versatility as a cladding solution. They’re ultra thin, helping meet any unique architectural requirements of a project, while producing an exceptionally modern look for any building facade.

Interlocking panels / cassette panels

A stylish cladding option that boasts a contemporary finish, interlocking panels are commonly used in building modern architectural facades. Their sleek appearance and dramatic express joints create a bold and clean look. Plus, with flexible express joints and vast tray widths, this cladding system is durable and offers excellent design versatility.


Shingles are a roof and wall covering made up of individual overlapping elements. As one of the sleekest sheet metal profiles on the market today, they can be folded into interconnected tile shapes to produce stunning patterns. This makes them highly attractive, customisable and creates a “wow” effect.

Do it once, do it well

TMR is a firm believer that there is no point in doing anything half-heartedly. When we install a roof, we install it using the required materials, tailored to the unique requirements of the building. We don’t offer quick fixes – we install roofs that last.